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Accessing your Pattern

Your pattern will be emailed to you on completion of purchase. You will be able to access the pattern up to 10 times, but I strongly recommend that you immediately save the pattern to a safe place.

Printing your Pattern

International paper sizes are not uniform, so it is important that you pay attention to the printer settings that you use.

My older patterns are formatted for A4 paper, but have been carefully laid out to ensure that they print on letter paper without issue. My more recent patterns are formatted for letter paper, but can be printed on A4 paper without issue. If it is not stated on the pattern, then it is safe to assume that the pattern is formatted for A4 paper.

I recommend that where possible you print from a computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Printing from a phone or tablet does not always give enough control over your printer settings.

Always print using "Actual Size" or "100%". You DO NOT want to "fit to page" or "shrink oversized pages"

Printing at a Print Shop

Some print shops are reluctant to print patterns when they see my copyright mark. If required, permission is granted to print my patterns at a copy shop or library but for personal use only. Permission is not granted to print multiple copies. Please do not print the templates to give to your friends. If your friends love the pattern and would like a copy, please send them to my shop to purchase their own.

Help! I bought your book but I don't have a CD player

The patterns are all available to download at Customers can login on the site and access everything.

If there are any issues contact my publisher at

The specific link for my book is:

There are pages missing from the Peacock and the Monarch Butterfly Patterns! from your book

Unfortunately the publisher of my book decided to convert the templates from A4 paper to letter paper after I had checked the proofs for the last time. Mistakes crept in for both the peacock and the monarch butterfly. In both cases the A4 templates are correct.

This is not a problem. The A4 templates can successfully be printed to scale on letter paper without missing anything off the edge of the page. You just need to be careful with the printer settings to ensure that the scale is correct.

Ensure that you print from a computer that has an up to date pdf reader. I suggest using adobe reader if possible as the printer settings are really clear and easy to change. Adobe reader is available to download for free if you don't already have it.

Check the print settings. You will want to print "Actual Size" or 100%. You do not want to print using the setting "Fit to Page" or "Shrink oversize pages".

When you print, I suggest that you print a single copy of the first page first and then measure the 1 inch square.

Do you teach Foundation Paper Piecing

At the moment I only teach in person classes, but I am developing some online classes. Click on the button below if you would like to be among the first to learn about my online classes.

Use the contact form if you wish to learn more details about my classes.